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 les règles qui manquent...

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Messages : 175
Date d'inscription : 21/02/2016
Localisation : Genève

MessageSujet: les règles qui manquent...   Jeu 9 Mar - 17:23

Si ça intéresse quelqu'un, j'ai fait une liste (en anglais...) des règles pas claires ou clarifiées sur le forum Arcan Wonder, ou erratées, qui ne sont pas (pas encore? ou alors je les ai pas trouvées?) sorties dans le supplément au règles officiel (dernière version décembre 2016).
Je vais essayer de joindre le doc à ce post. (et si vous avez des remarques ou critiques c'est bienvenu!!!)

Bon, en fait je trouve pas comment attacher un pdf...
1. Attack modifier : if a modifier that applies only to the first attack of an attack action is
mooved to another object after the first attack and mooved back, it will apply again. (F)
2. Befor or after an action phase : events that take place during these periods can occure in any
order (c.f. Initiative). (F)
3. Caster : when a card or rule refers to the "caster" it is the object that casted the spell, but
"you" is the mage (the caster's controler if it is not a mage). (F)
4. Conditions : if a creature recieves a condition that should be processed or removed at the
end of its action phase during its action phase, it will be processed or removed at the end of
its next action phase. (F)
5. Damages : to recieve or deal 0 damage is not recieve or deale damage. (F)
6. Duplicates : you can't have more than one copy of an object attached to the same thing. (F)
7. Enchantments: hidden enchantments have no trait (exceptions : cantrip, decoy). (F)
8. Imunity : a creature can't intercept an attack it is imune to. (F)
9. Imunity : a creature can't melee attack in a zone if all guards are imune to its attack (except
if it is elusive). (F)
10. Incapacitate : how does it work if a creature becomes incapacitate after the declare
attack step? (example turn to stone & enchantment transfusion)
11. Initiative : the player with initiative goes first if both players want to act simultaneously.
The order of resolution of simultaneous effects is choosed by the controler of the effects's
cause. Exception: during the upkeep it's the controler of the objects affected by the effects
who chooses the order. And if the two rules don't solve the timing issue, the player with
initiative chooses the order (for example if an event affects objects from many players
during upkeep). (F)
12. Intercept : the interceptor becomes the target. (F)
13. Intercept : a creature can't intercept an attack that tagets it. (F)
14. Mage's ability counter : If the object's controler changes, the abilty's doesn't (F):
• Pet receives +1 Melee with his first controler
• Bloodreaper is able to heal his first controler
• Eternal Servant can be reanimated by his first controler
• Holy Avenger gets bonus for the creatures and holy conjurations friendly to his first
• Bonded tree is still bonded to his first controler
• Veterans continue as usual
• Runes continue as usual
15. Numbers : negative numbers don't exist. (F)
16. Reach : reach doesn't affect flying creatures (except with sweeping: a flying creature with a
reach + sweeping attack can attack a flying and a non flying creature in the same attack
action). (F)
17. Spell level: a "3x & 2y" spell is a level 5 spell of school x and a level 5 spell of school y, but
a mage trained up to level n in school x will pay the x level simple when building if [x
level]<=n. (F)
18. Spellbind : when changing the bound spell, you can take another card of the same spell but
not the same card. (F)
19. Triggered effect : how does it work if the trigger condition is on, but the target of the
effect is gone before the effect has been solved? (example Calltrops mangler & teleport
20. V'Tar orbs : when an orb is turned on by a mage who is part of a team, this mage gaines the
"residual" mana or healing. (F)
21. V'Tar orbs - Faulty Orbs variant : the orbs are turned on by controling the zone too. (F)
22. Walls : walls are at range 0 and at range 1 from an adjacent zone. Adjacent zones are atrange 1 from the wall. (F)
23. Walls : walls of a certain type affect objects imune to this type in matter of LOS and passage
block. (F)

1. Arcane ward : triggers during the declare step. (F)
2. Enchantment transfusion : there must be LOS from the ET to the new target of the
enchantment. (F)
3. Flank attack : the piercing bonus is only for one attack (not for the whole attack action). (F)
4. Forcefield : counters a damage barrier. (F)
5. Force orb / sword : isn't affected by conditions, or incapacitated or restrained. (F)
6. Joined strength : the damage's source doesn't change. (F)
7. Mana prism : the loss can be caused directly by the spell or ability, or by an upkeep cost or a
mana drain/transfer effect caused by the spell or ability. (F)
8. ERRATA Quicksand : can't target uncontainable creatures. (F)
9. Reverse attack : the reversed attack can't be avoided. (F)
10. Reverse magic : the reversed spell can be countered (but the countering is non-mandatory
for a nulify). (F)
11. Seedlingpod : is sacrificied as part of the casting of the spell. (F)
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max rebo


Messages : 36
Date d'inscription : 02/02/2017

MessageSujet: Re: les règles qui manquent...   Jeu 9 Mar - 17:52

C'est le Official RULES & CODEX SUPPLEMENT version 4.2?

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Messages : 175
Date d'inscription : 21/02/2016
Localisation : Genève

MessageSujet: Re: les règles qui manquent...   Ven 10 Mar - 5:21

c'est des trucs qui à mon avis manquent dans le supplément!
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MessageSujet: Re: les règles qui manquent...   

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les règles qui manquent...
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